YWCA sleuth on a mission to find members

When we shared the names of our Charter Members in a previous newsletter, we were thrilled by the response. A number of women contacted us with clues about the women in the list, many of whom were identified only by their husbands’ names.

One woman, however, was especially passionate about finding our charter members—Kay Paulsen. At last check, Kay had handed us roughly two reams of material with the dates and places these women were born, the names of their children, their professions, their photos, many photos of their gravestones…much more than we even dreamed of finding.

After getting through several names (which allowed us to put short biographies on the tables for our lunch in February), she recruited her sister, Jo Darwood. The two of them continue to work their way through the names. Kay has also offered to help with the Inspired book.

The archives tell us that every time a big year comes for the YWCA, the leadership looks into our charter members. Mary Shipman Penrose wrote them letters for the 25-year 1942 commemoration. Peggy Sanderson researched our beginnings for the 75th birthday in 1992.

When the 150th comes around, YWCA staff will be singing Kay’s praises, just like we are now!