You let your light shine

We appreciate your gifts to YWCA Walla Walla

So many generous supporters have stepped up for the YWCA in a big way during this crazy year, 2020. Thank you!

When we found our costs rising because of the very same virus that forced the canceling of all our fundraising events, we weren’t at all sure how that would add up.

But here we are, halfway through the last month of the year and within only several thousand dollars of completely covering our 2020 budget needs!

Please, if you would have given at the YWCA Leadership Luncheon, or if you were planning to purchase an auction package at the Believe party, go to our website, or to have your gift matched, visit the .

Your gifts ensure that there will be a safe place ready for the next woman who comes through our doors seeking peace, dignity, and the outstretched hand of a friend like you.