When is the Ice Chalet open?

The Ice Chalet permanently closed in 2014.

Why isn’t the Ice Chalet open at _________?

The Ice Chalet’s schedule must accommodate many different groups. We do our best to offer skating times that meet the wishes of as many people as possible, while balancing the cost of running an ice rink. Our schedule is based on decades of experience. If you are interested in skating at a time that the Ice Chalet is not regularly open, you can arrange for a Private Rental.

The Ice Chalet closes every summer for necessary maintenance.

I’m hosting a birthday party at the Ice Chalet. Can I bring my own cake?

We’re very sorry, no. We do not have any additional rooms or space. We are more than happy to help with an official Birthday Party Rental.  These are held in the main Ice Chalet room. We cannot guarantee space for additional parties that we have not scheduled. We ask that you please respect our other customers and our space. Thank you!

Can I email the Ice Chalet?

The fastest way to contact the Ice Chalet is to call us at (509) 525-2575. However, if you prefer to email, you can reach Ice Chalet Manager Jodi Alden at Please allow 48 hours for a response.

Do you offer punch cards (bulk pricing) for frequent skaters?

Yes! You can purchase a punch card at the Ice Chalet front desk. It includes 10 punches for admission. Skate rental price is not included.

Save With A Punch Card

Youth $32.50
Adult $42.50
Senior $32.50
Stick Night/Adult $67.50

Are hockey/ice skating/figure skating lessons safe?

Please rest assured that the highly trained Ice Chalet staff are very qualified in caring for the skaters enrolled in our hockey, ice skating and figure skating lessons.

If you have concerns, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Do you offer skate sharpening?

Yes! If you own your own skates, we provide skate sharpening. It is $6 for hockey skates and $7 for figure skates. Come see us and we’ll help get you back out on the ice!