Whitman student joins YWCA team


Kamna Shastri will be joining the YWCA as a historical archivist intern. She joins us through Whitman College’s Community Fellows Program, made possible by the Sherwood Trust.

Kamna will be helping create a categorizing and indexing system for the YWCA archive, which houses material spanning a century. The goal is to create an easily accessible system that will help tell the story of the YWCA, Walla Walla, and the women that have led the organization. She will work closely with Mary Meeker and Ann Schmitt, who will serve as her YWCA history mentors, and will help us prepare for our centennial celebration in 2017.

Kamna, a senior at Whitman College, is majoring in Environmental Studies combined with Sociology. Three main things make her world go round: music, good conversations and shared moments, often over a cup of her third favorite thing—hot, spicy chai. She hasn’t yet settled on her post-graduation plans, but she is passionate about working with people and organizations that positively empower and impact communities.

The current group of six juniors and seniors will work part-time at local organizations during the academic year. The program encourages students to engage with their community while gaining exposure to Walla Walla leaders and experiencing what it means to work for a community-centered organization.