The LINC curriculum

Back row, left to right: Miki, YWCA Advocate and LINC Leader; Kenia, YWCA Advocate and LINC Spanish leader; Ronnikka, LINC graduate; Deana, YWCA LINC Director; Shayla, LINC graduate; Maria, LINC assistant.
Front row: Two more LINC graduates (and a somewhat unhappy baby)

Each class period begins with a check-in. Classes also include time to create Life Maps and presentations/activities on various topics, such as:

The Key to Moving Forward

  • Assessment: Know Your Barriers
  • Assessment: Self-Esteem Scale

Knowing Yourself—The Key to Distinctiveness

  • Who Am I?
  • Good Experiences Workshop

Change—The Key to Successful Transitions

  • Activity: New uses for common items

Self-Esteem—The Key to Confident Living

Boundaries—The Key to Positive Relationships

  • Saying No Exercise

Resilience—The Key to Maintaining Balance

  • Adverse Childhood Experiences and Resilience exercises

Emotional Intelligence—The Key to Peace of Mind

  • Emotional Intelligence Quiz

Communications—The Key to Relationships

Stories from Past Graduates

Budgeting and Credit Management

  • Create a budget
  • Money Activity

Time/Stress Management—The Keys to Dealing with Life’s Challenges

  • Chair Stretches

Goal Setting—The Key to Success

Decision Making

  • Create a Plan of Action


  •  Post-Class Assessments
  • Class Evaluation
  • Presentation of Certificates
  • Sharing Life Maps