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Take the 2023 YWCA Racial Justice Challenge

The 2023 challenge has ended, but the materials are still available through next March to anyone who has registered or who registers now.

The YWCA Racial Justice Challenge is a month-long program, starting April 17, designed to build effective social justice habits, particularly those dealing with issues of race, power, privilege, and leadership.

Here’s how it works: Enter your name and email at the link, and create a password. Then answer just one question, Why do you want to participate in the challenge?

On April 17 you’ll begin receiving daily activities Monday through Friday, such as reading an article or listening to a podcast. Use the free YWCA app or your web browser to engage with this year’s four critical themes — disability, housing, mental health, and music. Connect with other participants, identify tactics to dismantle racism, and join a network of folks learning to address discrimination in their communities.

Register for the  YWCA Racial Justice Challenge today and be a part of a growing community working to empower the next generation of leaders.

Stand Against Racism 2022

Every year in April, YWCAs all over the country take a Stand Against Racism.

21-day challenge

Like the last two years, we’re having a 21-day challenge. But this year it’s a part of Stand Against Racism and has all-new topics. You’ll see a list on the registration page. Also new this year: Content is available in Spanish or English.

The challenge started April 4, but based on our 2021 participation, YWCA Walla Walla is allotted 100 spots for 2022. And until all spaces are taken, you can still join in.

The button below takes you to the registration page where:

  1. Scroll down to join the challenge, but don’t look for Walla Walla in the list. Go to “Select a Region.” Our region is West.
  2. Click Register and complete your personal profile. Most questions are optional. We’d like to know a little about the participants, but it isn’t required.

Social media challenge

Take a stand by downloading and printing this sign. Then post a selfie with #standagainstracism.

YWCA 21-Day Racial Equity & Social Justice Challenge 2021

We rolled out an all-new challenge for 2021. Did you join us?

YWCA Walla Walla joined 54 YWCAs from Oahu to South Florida to Maine, all doing a version of this challenge. To engage with each other, we used the hashtag #YWCAEquityChallenge on social media. Thank you to everyone who joined us to dive deep into racial equity and social justice. Click here for a catalog of the 2021 21-Day Challenge content.

The 21-Day Equity Challenge was created by Dr. Eddie Moore Jr. (#BlackMind) and co-developed with Debby Irving, and Dr. Marguerite Penick (#DiverseSolutions). The plan has been adopted by Organizations, Associations and Corporations all over the nation/world. Dr. Eddie Moore Jr. is the Director of the Privilege Institute in Green Bay, WI. Dr. Moore created the Challenge to not only help people better understand issues surrounding equity, inclusion, privilege, leadership and supremacy, but also to do so in a way that would build a habit of learning by stretching it over 21 days. We are excited to be offering you this 21-Day Challenge in partnership with Dr. Moore. As you engage in the various activities over the next 21 days, be sure to tag, comment, and follow (1) 21-Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge | Facebook.

The 2020 21-Day Challenge

08/31/2020 – 21 Day Challenge: Day 21

08/28/2020 – 21 Day Challenge: Day 20

08/27/2020 – 21 Day Challenge: Day 19

08/26/2020 – 21 Day Challenge: Day 18

08/25/2020 – 21 Day Challenge: Day 17

08/24/2020 – 21 Day Challenge: Day 16

08/21/2020 – 21 Day Challenge: Day 15

08/20/2020 – 21 Day Challenge: Day 14

08/19/2020 – 21 Day Challenge: Day 13

08/18/2020 – 21 Day Challenge: Day 12

08/17/2020 – 21 Day Challenge: Day 11

08/14/2020 – 21 Day Challenge: Day 10

08/13/2020 – 21 Day Challenge: Day 9

08/12/2020 – 21 Day Challenge: Day 8

08/11/2020 – 21 Day Challenge: Day 7

08/10//2020 – 21 Day Challenge: Day 6

08/07/2020 – 21 Day Challenge: Day 5

08/06/2020 – 21 Day Challenge: Day 4

08/05/2020 – 21 Day Challenge: Day 3

08/04/2020 – 21 Day Challenge: Day 2

08/03/2020 – Welcome to the 21 Day Challenge! Today is Day 1

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