Get involved and advocate to make a difference on behalf of the YWCA and those we serve!

Contact your representative

The YWCA’s programs and services are affected each year by policy decisions made in our state. You can use YW ACT! to find and contact your government officials and candidates.

 Visit YW ACT!

Get involved on Firesteel

Firesteel is a partnership of nine YWCAs across Washington State. Based out of Seattle, Firesteel sets advocacy goals surrounding the issues of housing and homelessness, and works to make a positive impact on our state’s legislation.

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Speak out on social media

Social media is an increasingly popular and increasingly effective method for spreading the word in our community. This is something you can help us with daily. ‘Like’ the YWCA of Walla Walla Facebook page. Follow us daily and you will often see calls for assistance or taking action on an issue that affects our clients, programs and services.