Spanish group a survivor lifeline

Celia Guardado is the YWCA Community Outreach Coordinator who also offers a Spanish language support group.

It is a special space for immigrant survivors of violence. Celia Guardado, community outreach coordinator, said many of these women have low-wage jobs and live paycheck-to-paycheck. Some have been very nervous about not having the cash available to stock up on essentials with so much panic-buying going on. They need a calm, reassuring guide through uncertain times.

One woman said, “All week I couldn’t wait to come and talk about what I have been through.” Another said, “I can’t think of a friend or a family member that I could share everything I do here without being judged or criticized. Please don’t ever stop. We learn so much not only from the advocate but from each other. Thank you!”

Celia continues to connect with the group through phone calls.