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Free, confidential support from
YWCA Advocate Mary Eaves Mitchell
is available to anyone affiliated with Whitman College.

YWCA Office: 509-525-2570
24/7 YWCA Crisis Line: 509-529-9922
Text or call: 509-876-7075

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How you can help the YWCA

Make your voice heard! Are you a sexual assault survivor? Did you grow up experiencing domestic violence? Or are you passionate about issues of consent and assault?

  • We’d love to hear your perspective, and possibly share it on our website. You can do this anonymously. Or check with your campus newspaper. They might welcome an editorial.
  • Share your ideas for making our community safer for everyone.
  • Share your ideas for helping victims of sexual and gender-based violence learn about the YWCA as a resource for help and support.

Get involved with planning our annual SA awareness month. Here are ideas from the National Sexual Violence Resource Center:

Statistics from RAINN for chalk drawings:
Keep in mind that chalk drawings are great for sidewalks where they’ll eventually wash away. Walls? Not so much.

Facts and statistics from


From WCSAP: sexual assault prevention and awareness
This page includes a link to download the most current campaign toolkit. It also includes activities, like a coloring book to download.