Know your rights

As a victim of a crime of sexual assault, you have these rights under RCW 7.69.030
  1. To receive, at the time of reporting the crime to law enforcement, a copy of your rights.
  2. To be informed by local law enforcement agencies or the prosecuting attorney of the final disposition of your case.
  3. To be notified about court dates including cancelled appearances.
  4. To receive protection from harm and threats of harm due to your cooperation with law enforcement and prosecution.
  5. To be informed of the procedure to be followed to apply for and receive any witness fees to which you are entitled.
  6. To be provided, whenever practical, a secure waiting area during court proceedings.
  7. To have any stolen or other personal property returned when no longer needed as evidence.
  8. To have your employer contacted to ensure you can cooperate with the criminal justice process in order to minimize lost wages or benefits
  9. To access immediate medical assistance.
  10. To have an advocate or any other support person of your choosing, present at any prosecutorial or defense interviews, and at any judicial proceedings.
  11. To be physically present in court during trial, or if subpoenaed to testify, to be scheduled as early as practical in the proceedings.
  12. To be informed by the prosecuting attorney of the date, time, and place of the trial and of the sentencing hearing for felony convictions.
  13. To submit a victim impact statement to be included in all pre-sentence reports and permanently included in the files and records accompanying the offender committed to the custody of a state agency or institution.
  14. To present a statement personally or by representation, at the sentencing hearing for felony convictions.
  15. To restitution by the court in all felony cases.
In addition, under RCW 70.125


A personal representative may accompany you during treatment or proceedings. If you desire, a personal representative of your choice may accompany you to the hospital or other health care facility, and to proceedings concerning the assault, including police and prosecution interviews and court proceedings.

70.125.030 (5)

“Personal representative” means a friend, relative, attorney, or employee or volunteer from a community sexual assault program or specialized treatment service provider.


  1. In addition to all other rights provided in law, you have the right to:
  • Receive a medical forensic examination at no cost;
  • Consult with an advocate during any medical evidentiary examination and during any interview by law enforcement officers, prosecuting attorneys, or defense attorneys;
  • Be informed, at your request, of when the forensic analysis of your sexual assault kit and other related physical evidence will be or was completed, the results of the forensic analysis, and whether the analysis yielded a DNA profile and match;
  • Receive notice prior to the destruction or disposal of your sexual assault kit;
  • Receive a copy of the police report related to the investigation without charge; and
  • Review your statement before law enforcement refers a case to the prosecuting attorney.

2. You retain all these rights regardless of whether you agree to participate in the criminal justice system and regardless of whether you agree to receive a forensic examination to collect evidence.

3. If you are denied any of these rights, you can seek an order directing compliance by the relevant party or parties by filing a petition in the superior court in the county in which the sexual assault occurred and providing notice of such petition to the relevant party or parties.