Counseling & Support Groups

Image shows two women talking to each other; one's face is visible, and the other is visible from the back.

Individual Counseling


Advocates can meet with you by phone or in person using COVID protocols. Masks and appropriate distancing are required, and all staff and visitors must take their temperatures and disclose any COVID-like symptoms upon entering the building. If you have questions, please call our office at 509-525-2570 or the 24/7 Crisis  Line, 509-529-9922, and you will be directed to someone who can address your concerns.

Are you in a relationship you think might be abusive? Are you a survivor of childhood sexual assault? Have you recently experienced an assault? Do you need someone to talk to? We offer confidential one-on-one appointments to talk about your situation, whatever your circumstances. We can offer education, information about domestic violence and sexual assault, safety planning tips and community resources.

We strongly believe that with support and encouragement, you can and should choose your own path to recovery.

We work with survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, adult survivors of childhood sexual assault and abuse, and with child victims and their non-offending care givers.

Individual counseling is available in both Walla Walla County, at our Walla Walla office, and in Columbia County, at our Dayton office.

Support Groups

In-person support group gatherings are not yet happening, but advocates are available to provide support. Please call the office at 509-525-2570 or the 24/7 Crisis  Line, 509-529-9922, if you need to speak to someone.

We also offer support groups at the YWCA. A support group is a safe space to talk to others about shared similar experiences.

When they join a support group, many people feel for the first time that they are not alone and discover that there are others who share their feelings. In groups you are able to discuss your experiences and get support from others. All of our groups offer childcare with registration.

We offer a wide range of support groups for:

  • Domestic violence survivors
  • Adult sexual assault survivors
  • Non-offending caregivers