Save the dates for SAAM

Download a free coloring book from the Washington State Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs.

“Believe Survivors” scavenger hunt

Keep your eyes peeled for YWCA posters.

YWCA Campus Advocate Malia Lewis will lead  students from WWCC, WWU and Whitman in raising awareness about sexual assault. Malia and her intern Hannah Rudman created this series of posters to display around town and on the three campuses.

The posters, Hannah said, are intended to educate the community about the realities of sexual violence and also be a reminder that “sexual violence is a problem that implicates all of us.”

Post a photo of the poster and tag @sava.ywca, then stop by the office to choose an SAAM sticker. 

If this month’s activities trigger painful memories of your own survivor experience, YWCA Advocates can meet with you for listening and support by phone or, with COVID precautions, in person.