Phonathon: Make your pledge by Mar. 12!


You’ve received your Phonathon card in the mail. Now, it’s time to take action before your phone rings! Board members and volunteers will be making their calls March 16th and 23rd. If we receive your gift by March 12, we won’t call you.

Make a pledge by supporting us in one of three easy ways:

  • Mail in or drop off a check at our main office, 213 S. First Avenue
  • Call us at (509) 525-2570
  • Donate online—it’s fast, easy and secure!

This year, our goal is to raise $26,000. Donate to ensure that women can get the safety and assistance they need when fleeing violence. Create a new generation of empowered young women by donating for our Mariposa and Girls Circle programs. Support children’s learning through our early childhood education programs. Whatever your reason, be sure to participate.

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