Mariposa leaders and students build resilience

On Fridays at Edison Elementary, 16 fifth graders meet during their lunch/recess break, getting to know each other through games, crafts, and some friendly competitions.

Over at Prospect Point, so many girls wanted to participate that two groups meet each week.

Making it happen at Edison is Bethany Hermann, a Whitman College junior. At Prospect Point, you’ll find Alex Feller, Whitman College senior, running Mariposa groups.

All the girls began the process of getting to know each other with a scavenger hunt, said Alex. Each student had a card to complete (see example) to help them learn about each other’s hobbies, families, and experiences and discover shared interests.

“I’m super grateful that we’ve been able to meet and spend time together despite the pandemic,” Bethany said. Her group eagerly awaits conversations about relationships, middle school, and their bodies.

Alex is making plans with her groups as well. They’re excited about doing crafts and building friendships after the holiday break.

“Maintaining social wellbeing during the pandemic can be really difficult,” said Bethany, “but they’ve done a wonderful job of staying connected and forming friendships despite it.”

Bethany and Alex look forward to guiding their groups as they continue building meaningful connections and explore challenging topics together.