Thanks for attending the 2021 Virtual YWCA Luncheon

Standing at the Threshold:
Finding Our Way Forward Together

If you couldn’t attend the luncheon and would like to see what you missed, the recording is below. Even if you already gave, you’re invited to click on “make a gift” to view our exciting progress toward meeting this year’s luncheon goal. The goal is based on where our fundraising needs to be by the end of May to continue the staffing and activities you made possible in 2020 – maybe more, since we won’t have a full-blown pandemic making activities more difficult!

0:00 Welcome from President Carol

3:20 Anne-Marie thanks YWCA supporter/sponsors

4:35 Liza introduces the 2020 and 2021 Leaders of Distinction

10:45 Carol introduces three short videos about what you make possible here

22:15 Anne-Marie shares a Mission Moment, the “why” behind the YW

25:40 Jim pulls your Heartstrings (click the “make a gift” button above to see how much closer we are to reaching the spring fundraising goal than we were while he was speaking)

28:38 Anne-Marie introduces Molly