LiNC program for survivors continues to grow

Deana York
Beki Buell

In 2017, YWCA began a series of free classes for clients. Designed to build confidence and uncover hidden strengths, LiNC, short for Living in New Circumstances, helps survivors of domestic violence step ahead in strength with plans in place, connected to their community from Day 1.

The first LiNC class graduated, having formed strong bonds with each other and hungry for more. Thanks to YWCA supporters and renewed funding from DSHS through the Victims of Crime Act, we added a new series of classes, LiNC 2.0. In the new series, LiNC graduates receive ongoing support and more in-depth information to further their goals.

The first round of LiNC 2.0 addressed Healing Trauma, How to Write Your New Life Script, and Money and You. Community members with specialized expertise led classes. Deana York (above right), helped launch LiNC and coordinates LiNC 2.0, “The women can’t wait for each class to begin!”

New staff member Beki Buell (above, left) now coordinates LiNC and Deana focuses on 2.0. New sessions begin in 2020.