LiNC 2.0 group goes online

“My LiNC 2.0 class,” said Deana York, YWCA LiNC educator, “was making real progress when we got the news that gatherings of 10 or more should be cancelled.”

The class had been growing close, acquiring skills and knowledge, and was helping meet each other’s needs outside of class.

“I knew it would be terrible to lose all this wonderful momentum,” Deana said. So she began breaking the LiNC 2.0 curriculum into daily email messages with lessons and assignments attached. The 11 group members, who had already formed an impromptu support circle via group texting, were thrilled to officially continue their progress.

As it has for everyone, the virus-related changes have been major stressors.
One member, Deana said, has a 7-year-old that she is taking with her to work every day and has no place to keep isolated. Those who started community college are no longer on campus with teachers and mentors. Single moms who have to take the kids along for grocery shopping worry about exposing them to the virus.

“I couldn’t be more proud and amazed not only of their progress, but also of the resilience and grace with which they’ve met these new challenges,” Deana said. “I’m very impressed with their strength and stamina.”