Take the 2023 YWCA Racial Justice Challenge

The 2023 challenge has ended, but the materials are still available through next March to anyone who has registered or who registers now.

The YWCA Racial Justice Challenge is a month-long program, starting April 17, designed to build effective social justice habits, particularly those dealing with issues of race, power, privilege, and leadership.

Here’s how it works: Enter your name and email at the link, and create a password. Then answer just one question, Why do you want to participate in the challenge?

On April 17 you’ll begin receiving daily activities Monday through Friday, such as reading an article or listening to a podcast. Use the free YWCA app or your web browser to engage with this year’s four critical themes — disability, housing, mental health, and music. Connect with other participants, identify tactics to dismantle racism, and join a network of folks learning to address discrimination in their communities.

Register for the  YWCA Racial Justice Challenge today and be a part of a growing community working to empower the next generation of leaders.