Honor a woman you admire, and secure the future for tomorrow’s women

YWCA Walla Walla is creating a full-color book of women who inspire as a tribute to these remarkable women and to YWCA’s first 100 years in Walla Walla.

This high-quality 8.5-by-8.5-inch paperback will be a beautiful addition to your library.

How do I participate? A $1,000 contribution to YWCA’s Next Century Fund secures a two-page spread in the book that you can use to honor a woman who inspires you. Our goal? 100 years, 100 women, $100K! You will also receive two copies of the finished book, which will include a brief history of YWCA Walla  Walla as well as tributes to inspiring women that you (and many others) have identified.

When is material due? May 31. We may be able to take something later, but please call before submitting material after this deadline.

Who may I nominate? Any woman who has inspired you—an ancestor (living or not), a friend, a historical figure, your mother, someone who has been like a mom to you.

Does my nominee need to have a YWCA or Walla Walla connection? Any woman who is significant and inspiring to you is the perfect addition to this book.

 What will these contributions go toward? This project will benefit the YWCA endowment, our plan for the women of tomorrow. We’ve given it a new name for our new YWCA century—the Next Century Fund. It allows us to support future YWCA programs from the proceeds of a carefully managed account.

Here’s how it works with a bequest we received in 1967. Ida Rose Stonecipher believed in the YWCA and Whitman College. Both were close to her heart, so she left her farms to both in a shared agreement. That’s how every year, decades after Ida Rose was able to attend an event or drop off donations to the shelter, her legacy gift continues to help run YWCA programs, giving hope and help to women we serve. Because the endowment is carefully managed and invested, your $1,000 sponsorship will endow a $40 annual gift for the next century and will also help us continue growing the Next Century Fund.

What should I send to you?           

  • 1 or 2 photos. We’d like to include one or two nice photos of each featured woman, which can be emailed to YWCAWallaWalla@gmail.com.

Please scan the photos (or have them scanned) at a minimum of 300 dpi (sized at about 14 inches on the shortest side) and include the woman’s full name in the email. If you like, you can bring photos as large as 8.5-by-11 inches to the YWCA office and have us scan them. Larger photos need to go to a copy shop (like Staples or Fed-Ex) for scanning.

  • Tribute text. In addition, please email your tribute (about 250 words) to YWCAWallaWalla@gmail.com, including the woman’s name—formatted and spelled the way you want it to appear—in the email. If you need help getting started, go here for a list of questions to give you ideas.

I don’t have a specific woman in mind, but I’m excited about investing in the future of YWCA Walla Walla! How can I help? Anyone can make a gift to the Next Century Fund to support the women of tomorrow! Other ideas: Offer a scholarship to an inspiring woman whose family is unable to honor her, join the group to honor our charter members with a two-page spread, or help defray printing costs as an underwriter. Each $500 unspecified donation to the Inspired book project will include a copy of the book, if you choose.

I know several women whose families will want to honor them. Who should I call? Our committee includes Peggy Sanderson, Mary Meeker, and Ann Schmitt. Share names with them, or join the recruiting effort yourself! Share this article to help grow our book, and share this link. When the book is finished, we believe you’ll be proud to have been involved and happy that a woman you love is included.

I always give generously at the luncheon or other YWCA event. Can you apply that donation to the book instead? Thank you for your caring gifts! Without friends like you contributing at our events, it wouldn’t be possible to run YWCA programs. Our plan for book contributions is to boost our endowment, the Next Century Fund. The women of Inspired are there because each one left a legacy—her impact on your life and place in your heart. The endowment, an investment in YWCA’s future, is another way for her influence to live on. The Next Century Fund will help ensure that YWCA will be here to empower the women of tomorrow.

May I make payments? We would be happy to spread the payments out to make it more convenient for you to participate. Please call the office to suggest a payment plan that works for you and we can set up automatic electronic payments.

I have a group of [co-workers/family members, etc.] who want to nominate someone for the book. Can we go in on it together? Just collect everyone’s contributions and send a check, or bring multiple checks if it’s more convenient. We will include a list of the sponsors you provide.

I am thinking of a very inspiring woman, but neither her family nor I can afford to honor her. What should I do? We would love to hear from you, as we want this book to include a broad cross-section of women. Call Anne-Marie (509-525-2570) for a confidential conversation about why this woman should be included and how much you and her friends/family would like to contribute. We will try to locate scholarship funds to make up the difference.

What if my questions aren’t answered here? Please call 509-525-2570 or send an email.