INSPIRED: Writing your tribute and sending photos

Option 1

 We can write your tribute based on the answers to these questions. The questions will help produce biographical background and explain why your nominee is inspiring. Please feel free to expand in particularly relevant areas or omit any that don’t seem helpful. Just copy these questions into an email, answer them, and then send the email to

  1. How should we print the name of your honoree? Please double-check spelling.
  2. Where and when was your nominee born?
  3. (Optional) If she had a special connection to the Walla Walla community or the YWCA, please explain.
  4. What have been some of her contributions to her community?
  5. What are some unique challenges that she has faced?
  6. What are her best and most inspirational qualities?
  7. What four words would you use to describe your nominee?
  8. Finally, why do you think she is particularly worthy of admiration?
  9. Is there anything else you want to be noted about your nominee? Does she have a motto or core belief she repeats often?


Option 2 

Write your own tribute (suggested word count about 250), and email to Be sure to include how we should print the name of your honoree, and double-check spelling. We would also like to have her birthdate.

What else do we need for the book?

We’d like to include one—or two—nice photos of each featured woman. These can be emailed to Please scan photos at approximately 600 dpi at printed size (best photo at approx. 9” on shortest side; secondary photo at about 3”x3”) and include her full name in the email as you want it to appear in the book. You can bring photos under 8.5×11 here to scan while you wait; larger photos can be scanned at a copy shop like Fed-Ex or Staples.