You make holiday wishes come true

Every year, generous volunteers “Adopt a YWCA Family(click for registration form) to make sure everyone in the shelters has a beautiful season of peace and joy.

Also included are families involved in support group and LiNC life skills classes.

“These gifts have an incredible positive impact on our families,” said Mary Byrd, Director of Client Services. “Whether living in the shelter or on their own, many don’t have room in their budgets for anything but essentials.”

Holiday deadlines*

  1. [Date to come] Request a family.
  2. [Date to come] Receive their wish lists.
  3. Shop for list items or gift cards (usually about $75/person).
  4. [Date to come] Drop off the unwrapped gifts.

    *We will continue taking applicants until all families are spoken for. Requests after [date to come] will have custom deadline schedules.

“The YW staff matches a family to my budget and family size preference and lists their sizes, favorite color, and a couple of wish list items,” said YWCA Board Member Teresa Larson, who has adopted families since well before she joined the board.

“Great fun, good feels, and a family gets to celebrate a little nicer Christmas because
you cared!”