You make the holidays feel more like home

Every year, generous volunteers Adopt a YWCA Family to make sure everyone in the shelters has a beautiful season of peace and joy.

Also included are families involved in support group and LiNC life skills classes.

“Clients with the courage to walk away from domestic violence often have little time to think about anything other than safety,” said Tammy Stream, Director of Client Services. “They do their best to make the holidays special for their children, but funds are usually sparse.”

When you give to a child through the Adopt-a-Family program, you allow moms to focus less on being homeless and more on healing. They experience hope as they watch their children’s faces light up while they rip open the packages on their wish lists.

Your compassion makes a safe, temporary shelter feel more like home.

Holiday deadlines*

  1. By Friday, Nov. 17: Request a family.
  2. Monday, Nov. 20: Receive their wish lists.
  3. Shop for list items or gift cards (usually about $75/person).
  4. Tuesday, Dec. 12: Drop off the unwrapped gifts at the YWCA, 213 S. First Ave.

    *We will continue taking applicants until all families are spoken for. Later requests will have custom deadline schedules.

After you sign up, YWCA staff members match a family to your budget and family size preference and provide sizes, favorite color, and a couple of wish list items for each family member

If you have any questions about the program, please call the office, 509-525-2570.