Faith continues On Her Way

If you were at this year’s Leadership Luncheon, you heard Faith Nyakundi weave her love of YWCA Walla Walla into the story of her life’s journey, making a compelling case for investing in young women. (Thanks, Faith, for the record giving you inspired!)

Your gifts of more than $182K at the YWCA Luncheon made it possible to hire another Mariposa leader to empower and build the confidence of local fifth-grade girls.

Shortly after the event, Faith received news that she was one of only 25 chosen for a highly competitive MILEAD fellowship. More than
2,070 African women between 19 and 25 years of age applied!

The MILEAD Fellows Program is a long-term leadership development program to identify, develop, and promote a new generation of young African female leaders. The program targets dynamic young women to develop the transformational leadership skills they need to address critical issues facing women and girls across communities in Africa. The program equips Fellows with world-class knowledge, skills, values, and networks that they need to succeed as 21st-century women leaders.

The MILEAD Fellows will begin with a three-week summer institute in Ghana and commit to implementing a community change project. Along the way, Faith is having the opportunity to visit family members in Kenya she hasn’t seen in six years.

YWCA Walla Walla’s staff and board clearly aren’t the only ones who believe Faith is a remarkable woman ON HER WAY to great things!