YWCA Phonathon

YWCA 2014 Phone-a-thon-event

The YWCA Phonathon, an annual event held on two evenings each spring, began with a group of committed board members who found that calling friends who shared their passion for the YWCA’s programs and services was a great way to raise funds.

The Phonathon doesn’t involve any selling or sponsorships, and even though it’s fun, it’s not a party. The focus is entirely on what your donations can do to empower women and make life better for women and families in our valley.

All the calls are made by YWCA board members and volunteers, and the list is carefully chosen to include people who know what we do and are supportive of YWCA programs. If you’re on the list, you will receive a postcard reminder before the Phonathon. If you’d like a reminder next year, we’d be happy to add you to our postcard and calling lists.