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Help for kids

Most people know that YWCA Walla Walla shelters children as well as adults— sometimes, kids even outnumber the moms!

So it’s no surprise that we’ve been thinking about how to better meet children’s needs. That’s where Katherine Besst, Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault /Children’s Advocate comes in.
Katherine will spend half her time as an addition to our DVSA staff. The rest of the time, she’ll be on hand providing respite for moms during the dinner hour or when moms need to meet with an Advocate to discuss grown-up issues. She’ll also be available to give special attention to children who need help with homework or who may need referral to additional services.

Katherine was a classroom volunteer in her children’s schools and helped with Girl Scouts.
She most recently worked as a supervisor for an in-home care agency, learning to connect people to community resources.

“What I look forward to most in my new job,” she said, “is being part of the great work of the YWCA.”

Dayton Advocate ready to serve

Our new Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Advocate for Columbia County is Miki Fulbright, who will also run the YWCA Girl Power program. As this is a half-time position, Miki will also spend time helping cover the Dayton Crisis Line as a Crisis Response Advocate.

“I love serving,” Miki said. “I was raised to help people.”

She spent 30 years raising seven children and still found time to volunteer.
Miki was elected for two terms as a city councilmember and chaired the county health board.

She spent four years heading up a faith-based agency that paired women from a variety of different backgrounds with women who provided services and mentorship.

“I’m a facilitator,” she said. “My years of volunteer work helped me learn about community resources, and I enjoy matching people with the tools for success.”

Proud of the team

“Our team is amazing,” said Mary Byrd, new Director of Client Services. “The new members Hailey, Katherine and Miki bring great skills, and the rest have made them feel so welcome. They’re all working together incredibly hard to bring their very best to each other and to our clients.”