Child Abuse Prevention: YWCA supporters shine a light on child abuse

Photo: Sign with Child Abuse Prevention Month with blue pinwheels

Driving around town, chances are you will encounter a sign put in place by the YWCA or one of our supporters.

This spring, we’ve added a new April observance to our traditional Sexual Assault Awareness efforts: Child Abuse Prevention Month.

If you’ve seen an orange sign surrounded by little blue pinwheels spinning in the wind, that’s us!

Concern that every child lives a life free from violence and abuse is not new to us, and the YWCA is a safe, supportive location where place where abused children can be interviewed by trained, trauma-informed outside experts.

YWCA thanks our partners participating in the pinwheel project, including:

Allstate (Jessica Avery)
Children’s Home Society
College Police Department/City Hall
Columbia County Health System in Dayton
Dayton Memorial Library

Department of Children, Youth, and Families
Providence Health System (Second Avenue and St. Mary Medical Center campuses)
Walla Walla Clinic Pediatrics
Walla Walla County Sheriff’s Office
Walla Walla Pediatric Dentistry
Walla Walla Police Department

Blue Sabbath

We also invited communities of faith to join us in Blue Sabbath on Saturday or Sunday, April 29 and 30. YWCA is grateful to Pioneer United Methodist Church, First Congregational Church of Walla Walla, and Congregation Beth Israel for helping gather pinwheels and signs from other locations and posting them by their houses of worship.

Without volunteers like Traci and Marian helping assemble pinwheels and Richard, Paul and Mary, Punkey, Shelly, and Sonja gathering up the materials at the end of the month, projects like this might not happen.  Thank you!