Celebrate abundance, resilience

A row of preschoolers each holds up one letter to spell out the phrase THANK YOU.

Back in 2020, when coronavirus first became part of our vocabulary, we didn’t know if the pandemic would be a weird blip on our radars for a couple of months, or if life as we knew it would never be the same.

Fast forward more than two years later, and I’d venture to say the answer is a little of each.

I grieve for the hardships and losses so many people faced. Jobs lost, businesses closed, 162 lives in our county ended too soon. These were not small things.

What made it bearable was the way people looked out for each other. And you didn’t stop with your inner circle. Your compassion extended to women and families whose pictures we can’t even show you.

We hear a lot about the increasing polarization in our country, and it’s true that discussions seem to get heated more quickly than ever, but when we join our efforts for the good of our community, magic happens.

I thank each one of you for reminding me what a very special community we have.

Your compassion extended to women and families whose pictures we can’t even show you.

As we slowly start to feel the ground settling under our feet again, I’m grateful for all the blessings of the past year. An in-person luncheon. Concerts. Community gatherings in the fireside room. Survivors taking LiNC classes. Board meetings. Weddings and, yes, funerals. (And one of my personal favorites, hugs!)

As we head into 2023, will you vow with me that we’ll never take these things for granted?

We will post our 2023 calendar in January and look forward to seeing you at one or more community events.

Anne-Marie Zell Schwerin
Executive Director