Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Save the dates for SAAM

Download a free coloring book from the Washington State Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs. “Believe Survivors” scavenger hunt Keep your eyes peeled for YWCA posters. YWCA Campus Advocate Malia Lewis will lead  students from WWCC, WWU and Whitman in raising awareness about sexual assault. Malia and her intern Hannah Rudman created this series of posters … Continue reading Save the dates for SAAM

‘Take Back the Night’ with Whitman students

Take Back the Night rally

“End it, end it, end the silence! Stop it, stop it, stop the violence!” A chorus of voices ring out in the spring night as women of all ages march the streets in protest. Take Back the Night is an international event dedicated to protesting and raising awareness of sexual abuse and relationship violence through marches, vigils … Continue reading ‘Take Back the Night’ with Whitman students

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

This April, the YWCA will honor survivors of sexual assault with the annual Sexual Assault Awareness month. We will be hosting several events as we engage the Walla Walla community in a conversation about this important issue. From National Sexual Violence Resource Center: “The 2014 Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) campaign focuses on healthy sexuality … Continue reading April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month