Thank you for adopting families for the holidays

Photo is a cozy scene: Red buffalo plaid table cover with winter greenery. At the center is a red mug of hot cocoa topped with a snowman marshmallow.

UPDATE: You stepped up in a big way in November. WOW. Thank you. We found all the donors needed to cover this year’s selected families. If you would still like to help, we accept gift cards any time of year to help with emergency needs, and we share specific needs all through the year on our Facebook page.

We need your help pairing 48 families with donors to help them feel the joy of the season. We still need about 16 more donors or organizations to pitch in to cover families. If we have completed forms by December 6, we can still assemble packages in time. (This year’s early Hanukkah will end then, but that has already been covered.)

Ways to participate
  • You can contact us to adopt a family or part of a family. We’ll share their wish list and you can buy suggested presents to the extent your budget allows.
  • Buy gift cards (Visa, Walmart, other local stores).
  • Bring goodies and small stocking stuffers for gift baskets.
  • Purchase grocery store gift cards for families’ holiday dinners.
  • Bring in new toys, games, craft kits, books, etc.
  • Donate a new or like-new basket for assembling holiday packages.
Gift cards in family gift baskets

Most of the families in shelter will benefit most from gift cards ($75 per person is a suggested budget figure). We will bundle these with a few goodies and fun little stocking stuffers like cozy socks. (Or you can make up a basket yourself.)

Why gift cards? Some moms may never have had the opportunity to buy gifts for their family. Or they may not be in the position this year to buy gifts as they start building independent lives. For them, a gift card is empowering, a gift of dignity.

Gift cards are wonderful anytime of year for Advocates to have on hand, but especially around the holidays, when families arrive in the shelter too late for us to pair them with donors. And we keep various gifts and games ready for when new children arrive. Sometimes we even set aside toy donations from the holidays for this.

Adopt a family with a wish list

Another group of families are trying to stay in their own homes right now and would love to have donors provide gifts or clothes that their children have requested. When many struggling moms receive a Visa or Walmart gift card, it’s hard to use it for a special toy or fashion item when they’re having trouble paying for groceries and heat. For them, the best of both worlds is for donors to provide requested gifts for a holiday celebration, and then also tuck in grocery store or Visa cards for necessities.

Last year’s success

Last year, over 45 women were able to enjoy the 2020 holidays with their families even as they struggled to build new lives. Recovering from the trauma of domestic violence is always difficult, but navigating the path to healing during a pandemic was particularly challenging and the support meant so much. 

We will contact you to find the giving opportunity that best fits your budget and schedule.

You will see a field in the form where you can type in questions; however please feel free to reach out at any time. Email Kirsten at or call 509-525-2570 during office hours.