Adios, dear Lorena: Advocate to fight human trafficking

Lorena with Celia Guardado

Lorena Ault, a bilingual/bicultural YWCA advocate for 17 years, has a taste for fun and fashion (including a stunning shoe collection) that belies a deep and passionate commitment to helping others.

Lorena and fellow advocate Celia Guardado have worked hard to help immigrant domestic violence survivors navigate the complex legal system to safety. Their bond extends beyond work. “Translating our clients’ stories to judges so that they feel the immediacy can be taxing,” Celia said. “Having Lorena at my side in the courtroom has been invaluable. She has become my sister.”

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Lorena and Celia have ensured that YWCA is at the table with other agencies working to eliminate barriers for immigrants. Her well-earned reputation at the state level led API Chaya, a Seattle­­-based organization, to offer Lorena a position empowering survivors of gender-based violence and human trafficking to live in health and safety.

We know that Lorena’s deep understanding of cultural barriers and her years of training will be a tremendous asset to their work.

Lorena’s unique mix of humor, heart, and passion to make the world better have made her an ideal advocate and a treasured friend to us at YWCA Walla Walla.