Your YWCA gifts matter

Why is the guide a great way to give?
  • Reason 1: NO fees. The rest of the year, you always have the option of covering card fees as part of your donation —  and we’re grateful that most YWCA donors do.  But until Dec. 31, 2022, the Blue Mountain Community Foundation will cover debit and credit card fees. And last year, other gifts, like checks, had added fees. This year, the foundation is eliminating all fees.
  • Reason 2: The bonus percentage. Every gift up to $10,000 will grow by an undetermined percentage. How much? Last year, it was 10 percent. This year, the Valley Giving Guide sponsors (click to see the growing list) got the ball rolling. And now any donor has the opportunity to keep expanding the bonus pool.

For more about how the guide works, check out this article.


Did You Know?


brings a visit from the Fun Factory van with free outdoor activities and arts and crafts for children in rural areas.